Our inspiring talent
Aileen Brown
Account Manager, Sales

If, as the saying goes variety is the spice of life, my job as an Account Manager at Lumesse would be the career equivalent of tasty plate of curry.  I work with a broad spectrum of clients, Financial Services, Natural Resources, Engineering, Public Sector, each of whom deploy a different combination of our solutions.  The challenge is to work alongside them; to understand their industry, their business/ HR agenda and then to understand how to best we can work together to derive maximum benefits from our solutions.    That could mean understanding regional differences in how a business uses our products, or  scoping out a project to roll out a different technology, it could be working on an issue that is affecting user adoption or gaining feedback from a client on developments they would like to see in a Roadmap.

You have to be an agile learner in my role, and one that can quickly build relationships both externally and internally; in any given week I could be working with colleagues based in a number of different locations and who work in many different parts of the business, Product, Service Delivery, Customer Services or Professional Services to name a few.  

Before joining Lumesse I had a successful career in Recruitment so I do understand the challenges of operating within Resourcing and HR, however technology and working in technology was very new to me.  What impressed me in my first few months was the rigorous approach Lumesse takes to induction; one-to-one sessions explain the benefits of our technology, on-line content around how it actually works, courses on client relationships and account methodology.  It was a steep learning curve, but the challenge was something I relished and I felt very supported by my manager and by the wider business in my learning.

Another first impression of the business is that everyone at Lumesse is passionate about what we do, and that still resonates today.   I am not sure what my next step might be within the business but you are encouraged to consider working for different parts of the business, be that here in the UK or around the globe. There are always opportunities to grow and develop, which keeps life interesting.

Neil Southwell
Global RPO

“I first started working at Lumesse in 2012 as part of the Customer Support function, where my primary responsibility was to support one of our products; ETWeb. This allowed me to work with and build relationships with colleagues and customers from around the world, which allowed me to understand the different types of local and global challenges that an organisation could encounter.

As Lumesse evolved over the years, so did its solution portfolio which I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn and support. I have learnt a great deal on each of our products and how they can be used by organisations to allow their candidates and employees to fulfil their potential. 

After being in Customer Support for a number of years, I successfully progressed into the Global RPO role were I now have the opportunity to work with some great people and our Customers in the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) segment to help them develop and build their working relationships with their Customers.  Ultimately, that means that Lumesse, our RPO customer and their Customers achieve their goals; a win-win-win situation!

We operate in a constantly evolving industry and there are always new things to learn and opportunities to develop, which is one of the great strengths of working at Lumesse.  It makes being here a really  enjoyable experience.


As a global organisation we want to stand out as an employer of choice in local markets. Part of that is rewarding people in the right way. Benefit plans vary from country to country to comply with local laws and good practice; but we always aim to be competitive with other companies in our space.

We also know that life changes and that people have different priorities at different times in their lives. We have developed employee policies that support our people wherever they are on their journey. That support can include anything from our maternity/paternity policies through to the protection policies we provide in case things go wrong.

Of course, as a talent-centred business we must live and breathe our commitment to developing our people - this year for example, we've launched Rising Stars!; our new management development programme. Over the last 12 months, we've also put 68 people through Prince2 project management training and are currently investing in MCTS SQL and MCTS . NET for many other colleagues. We also consistently run internal certification on several areas including our implementation processes, our pre-sales configuration training and train the trainer courses, to name just a few.

We also think it's important to have an opportunity to meet your global colleagues; that's why we usually have an annual event, where all our people get together in one place - to work and to play!

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