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Flexibility and creative freedom in content development

The Challenge

As a large global company, Vodafone needed a streamlined process to create and deploy engaging learning across the group. The development and authoring of online learning content at Vodafone was being managed through local suppliers which made it difficult to globally share content, manage versions, keep content updated and to receive final approval in a timely manner. 

With the Learning and Development teams under pressure to produce high quality learning quickly, Vodafone was looking for a cost effective and easy to manage solution that would enable its internal teams and external partners to create, find and reuse content collaboratively and efficiently.  


The Solution

Vodafone provided its Learning and Development teams with Lumesse CourseBuilder, an online authoring tool, to give them greater control over their digital learning creation.   Vodafone not only creates e-learning internally, it also outsources content production.   Implementing Lumesse CourseBuilder allowed Learning and Development teams to start working collaboratively with both the internal and external teams across the globe.  

The Results?

The solution enabled Vodafone to set standardised approaches to brand and process, creating consistency of design without restricting the creative freedom of local teams.   With licences managed centrally, Vodafone retains ownership of all the content created regardless of who originally produced it.

All content including graphics, concepts and files is stored centrally and can be accessed by all content developers regardless of location.  Files, pages or even complete segments can be copied by local teams and localised or translated as required. Vodafone not only achieved complete visibility and control of process but they also saved both time and money using CourseBuilder. 

Most importantly, essential information is reaching their teams faster and in a more engaging way, helping business units and teams reach their targets.


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