• Employee Compensation & Benefits

    Motivate your workforce & reward performance

What is the right pay? How do you decide? You need an automated and integrated employee compensation and benefits management solution that is consistent, fair and compliant across your entire organization to engage and motivate your people.

An employee compensation management solution that covers base salary, bonuses, incentive schemes and company benefits, Lumesse Compensation and Benefits management solutions ensure your employees benefit from a more transparent view of their compensation package.

Lumesse Compensation & Benefits Solutions

Let Lumesse help you to fulfil your employee Compensation and Benefits needs:

Exploit actionable insights to make the right employee compensation decisions

From salary benchmarking to setting and adjusting pay ranges, with Lumesse Compensation management solutions you’ll have access to the most detailed and up-to-date salary data at any time. Benchmark employees or positions against market rates, so you can make the smartest decisions for your organization.

Simplify employee compensation

Simplify the employee compensation process for everyone and equip managers with the information and tools they need to attract and retain the best talent. Lumesse Employee Compensation management solutions will help you to drive employee performance with a well-crafted reward strategy and ensure you’re paying fairly across the whole organization.

Engage and reward your top talent

Is your compensation program rewarding and motivating your employees? With Lumesse employee Compensation and Benefits solutions, you can link pay directly to employee performance and reward your workforce accurately and fairly, based on real, measureable results. With an automated, structured and consistent approach that links your organizational objectives to employee performance, you can ensure your high performers are recognized.

Features of Lumesse Compensation & Benefits

A transparent employee compensation and management package.

Employee compensation is about so much more than salary, so give your employees a fairer, more transparent view of their compensation package.The Lumesse compensation statement enables employees to see their total cash compensation, including bonuses, one time payments, LTI and stock option grants, pension and insurance contributions, perks and allowances, and even any expatriate compensation.

Benchmark your compensation: attract and retain top talent

Using the latest market data and research, the Lumesse employee compensation management solution gives you immediate insight into current compensation levels for your market. Benchmark your compensation levels, analyze trends and align employee remuneration at any time.

Manage the full salary review process

With the Lumesse employee Compensation and Benefits solution, you can set up any number of compensation programs and salary reviews. The secure, easy-to-use workflows make proposing salary adjustments, completing reviews and creating new compensation programs swift and easy.  

Pay for performance

Make sure employee performance is linked to compensation and benefits by connecting your goals to any bonus payments. ETWeb links financial reward back to achievement against individual, team and business performance objectives to motivate, reward, and develop talent.