• Employee Onboarding Software

    Extend your new hire a warm welcome and accelerate performance

Help your employee ease into their new role with the confidence, connections and tools they need to succeed from day one with Lumesse Employee Onboarding software.

From attracting and hiring the best people to delivering a consistent, customized and on-brand onboarding experience, you can integrate new hires faster than ever before to accelerate their productivity.

Lumesse Employee Onboarding Software

Let Lumesse help you fulfil your onboarding needs:

Integrated onboarding to engage your new employees

Make sure your new hires are ready to hit the ground running from day one and create a personalized onboarding process before their first day. Customize with your own orientation documents, emails, videos, links and other collateral so they get a personalized welcome and develop an affinity with your brand.

Make employee orientation a joint effort

Ensure your whole team works efficiently to get your new hires ready for work from their first day. With Lumesse Onboarding software, team members play an active part in getting new employees up and running. You can even introduce your new hire to their team with content tailored to location, department, team, role or responsibilities.

More than an onboarding tool

Need to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time? Use Lumesse Employee Onboarding software to automate and manage tasks for all employee career events, including promotions, mergers and acquisitions, relocations and more for a consistent employee experience and a faster route to productivity.

Improve task management for seamless employee onboarding

Make sure everyone involved in the onboarding process stays on task. With flexible workflows and automated processes, it’s simple to send and receive real-time alerts, reminders and reports across your organization and track the progress of critical tasks. Your whole team will benefit from less paperwork and more time with your new hires.

Track the effectiveness of your employee onboarding program

Need to track the effectiveness of your employee onboarding program? With Lumesse Onboarding software, you can access and evaluate all onboarding activities centrally. Create custom reports associated with new hire activity to monitor the progress of each employee at a glance and gain valuable insights quickly.

A complete talent acquisition package

With Lumesse Employee Onboarding software you have all the tools you need to extend a warm welcome to new hires, increase first-day productivity and streamline administration. Intuitive and simple to use, we’ve designed our software so you can find the best talent, stay compliant and onboard with ease.

Features of Lumesse Onboarding

Engage new hires anywhere, anytime

Help new hires feel welcome and encourage engagement before their first day with the mobile-optimized, self-service employee onboarding portal.

Tailor content in line with your corporate brand and messaging, business objectives, as well as to the individual's career, job function, geographic or cultural influence to improve productivity from day one.

Socialize and connect with your team even before you start your new job

Introduce and engage new hires before they even start. With dynamic content including welcome messages, company history and culture, onboarding videos, etc. you can connect employees with their new teams delivering unique content tailored to location, department, team, role or responsibilities.

Powerful workflows for all employee events

Maximise the value of your onboarding solution to manage all employee events. Our unique, personalized, and task-driven solution to ideal to manage employee events, including offboarding, moves, mergers and acquisitions, and relocations. 

Collaborate with all stakeholders 

Onboarding is a team sport. It is easy to keep all stakeholders compliant, informing them of their assingned tasks and keeping progress on track.Tasks can be assigned to all stakeholders involved in the onboarding, plus you can send and receive real-time alerts, reminders and reports to track the progress of new hires, hiring managers, and HR.

Track all activities centrally and monitor employee progress at a glance

  • Start the onboarding process as soon as offer is accepted
  • Track all of your onboarding activities and monitor employee progress at a glance
  • Issue timely reports and ensure compliance
  • Stay on top of deadlines and compliance issues with automatic e-reminders and trigger 

The first choice for a smooth candidate handover

A complete Talent Acquisition Package for a smooth candidate handover: Seamlessly hire and onboard your new hire and maintain a high level of engagement while connecting your recruiting and onboarding with learning activities to ensure new hires get productive faster.