• Employee Performance Management System

    Release the potential within your organization

Are you able to easily identify and reward your top talent?

Our employee performance management system ensures that:

  • Managers have up-to-date and actionable performance data to help them to make decisions about their team
  • Employees receive meaningful feedback about their progress
  • The entire organization has a solution that is easy to use and effective

Lumesse offers a complete employee performance management system for any organization looking for quick and easy access to online training, tools to engage and motivate employees, and ways to monitor employee performance with clear and concise reporting. With benefits for employees, managers and the entire corporation, Lumesse makes it easy for you to inspire employees, increase productivity levels, and increase the revenue of your business.

Lumesse Employee Performance Management System

Employee performance management is more than just measuring performance against objectives. It’s about engaging and motivating employees to give their best in their job roles. Lumesse Employee Performance Management solutions offer tools and insights that help management to inspire people to perform well. And by measuring performance levels and giving rewards, the entire management team can be assured that all of the company goals are aligned.

Benefits of Performance Management System

Find out how an employee performance management system could benefit your employees, managers, and overall organization.

Benefits to Employees

  • Improved job performance resulting in increased self-confidence
  • Well-articulated job responsibilities
  • A clear understanding of what to expect and the corresponding rewards for a job well done

Benefits to the Manager

  • Reduced internal conflicts
  • Improved efficiency and consistency
  • The capability to address poor performance issues

Benefits to the Company

  • Increased profits
  • More engaged employees
  • Improved productivity levels

Features of Lumesse Performance Management Solutions

Plan for today, tomorrow and beyond

We all need a career development plan. Whether it's objectives in our current role or a bridge to help us progress to a new and more challenging one, it's essential to have a clear understanding of what's required and the steps and skills needed to move up in a company.


Choose the type of review you want to run 

Regardless of the type of review that you are looking to run (360 degree, quarterly, annual, formal, or hybrid), ETWeb offers you the flexibility to manage the performance process that suits your organization.

Successful careers, engaged employees and better business performance

Employee turnover costs money. The provision of career planning benefits both the employee and the organization. Organizations that fail to provide career oppertunities will sufer from lower morale, poor employee engagement and increased staff churn.  By giving members of your workforce control over their own career trajectories, the abillity to track thier own performance, and a way to receive regular feedback on their personalized goals, you are empowering them to drive their career forward. For HR, the right performance management solution ensures compliance with local requirements, provides well defined performance workflows and enables formal and information recognition programs


Pay for performance

Make sure employee performance is linked to compensation and benefits by connecting your goals to any bonus payments. ETWeb links financial reward back to achievement against individual, team and business performance objectives to motivate, reward, and develop talent.