• Goodwords: Reference Checking Software

    Cut time and increase value associated with candidate reference checking via SaaS recruitment solution

Get a deeper, multi-perspective view of each short-list candidate without the aggravation and time waste of ‘phone-tag’ games and low-value information resulting from traditional reference checking methods.

Reference checking is an essential part of the candidate selection process, and often the last step before making an offer. However, when hampered by an unimaginative set of perfunctory questions and time constraints, most candidate screenings represent a box to be checked rather than a valid means of determining which candidate is the best fit for your organization. What if you could have a deeper, multi-perspective view of each candidate without the ‘telephone-tag’ and low-value information resulting from traditional reference checking methods?

Goodwords by Lumesse is a SaaS-based reference checking software solution that provides:

  • A fuller 360 degree view of the candidate that goes beyond a CV or résumé, while sparing recruiters from having to chase down references via phone interviews.
  • An easy-to-use online reference checking service that allows referrers to rate skills and competencies in a structured way, while eliminating unrelated questions that lengthen the process and can get referrers and their companies into legal trouble.
  • An efficient and reliable method for obtaining answers to reference check questions that drastically reduces a recruiter’s need to enter and re-enter the information into a spreadsheet or database.
  • A convenient way for recruiters and hiring managers to measure a candidate against the job he or she applied for, against other candidates, and as a potential fit in the organization’s future.

By reducing these frustrating and time-consuming aspects, the Goodwords online app optimizes a large portion of the candidate reference process while keeping biases out.


Key Benefits of Goodwords: Reference Checking Software

Using the Goodwords reference checking software as a service (SaaS) app, HR professionals can request references online, follow up when necessary, and then benefit from a consolidated view of candidate scores in response to job-related questions, competency assessments, and overall reference strength.

The user-friendly app also makes the reference checking process easier for the person providing the reference, who wants to be able to respond in a respectful way wherever and whenever his or her setting and schedule allows.

  • Get key performance indicators and other insights on candidates
  • Incorporate 360 reviews, just as you might for existing employee evaluations, enabling your decision-makers to gain insight beyond traditional top-down references (for example, from the candidate’s colleagues and the customers he or she served)
  • Reduce HR department data entry, and eliminate data re-entry through an integrated talent acquisition software approach
  • Ensure references are objective and job-based
  • Benchmark candidates going for the same job using a standardized set of questions integral to the job and the candidate’s fit within the company

Features of Goodwords: Reference Checking Software

HR recruiters and RPOs can cut time and increase value associated with candidate reference checking via the Lumesse Goodwords SaaS recruitment solution. There’s no more ‘phone-tag’ and less low-value conversations, and recruiters will more quickly possess the candidate information they and their hiring managers need to fill openings with the very best talent.

  • 360 degree reference checking and standardized rating scale help to avoid overrating a specific candidate, reference or initial impression
  • Reference criteria provide relevant insights into which candidates are the best fit for a specific job
  • A single repository for references significantly reduces the need for HR professionals to enter and re-enter data
  • Scorecards in which recruiters and hiring managers can benchmark multiple short-listed candidates against the requirements of a job description
  • The ability to track and measure important criteria and objectives such as matching experience, salary expectations, required skills, and your own HR response deadlines.

Lumesse can offer Goodwords reference-checking functionality as a standalone module. Integration of Goodwords into the Lumesse talent acquisition software suite is planned for the near term, and Lumesse Goodwords customers will be able to integrate the module into other talent acquisition systems.