On-demand webinars

We regularly run live English and local language webinars. If you were unable to attend one of our live sessions or simply didn't know we were running them, you can download the recorded versions here.

On-demand Webinar: Four steps to Agile Learning

Four steps to Agile Learning

Donald H Taylor, chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute, and Simon Brown, Head of Learning Transformation at Lloyds Banking Group, assess the four key steps you need to implement to make your learning truly Agile in 2013.

Earlier on this year, we commissioned a global research project of HR leaders. The results of this survey were clear: employees need to learn more and faster than ever before, but HR is struggling to keep up with this speed of change. As such, Lumesse believes that organisations need to adopt a new mindset, skillset and toolset to meet the needs of employers and employees. We call this Agile Learning.

Driven by feedback received following our October webinar - which looked at the concept behind Agile Learning and the research that underpins it - in this webinar, Donald and Simon provide a practical and theoretical overview of the learning mistakes to leave behind and the Agile approaches to take forward.

Download the recording and find out:

  • How to review your true training needs.
  • About the pitfalls surrounding learning strategy implementation - and how to avoid them.
  • What an agile solution really looks like, and how to deliver it.
  • What effective assessment means.

On-demand webinar: Making Performance Management work in 'real life'

Making Performance Management work in 'real life'

Is Performance Management on your radar for 2012/2013?

Download our webinar recording for an introduction on how to make Performance Management work for your organisation in 'real life'.

In this webinar you will recieve:

  • A 'real life' case study on how Systematic is adopting Performance Management, Janne Majbritt Hallum, Director, People, Culture & Communication, Systematic.
  • The Performance Management concept explained.
  • A live demo of Lumesse Performance Management.

If you have any additional questions please call us on: + 45 72 25 16 47

Download the recording

On-demand webinar (Swedish): Förstudie & Wireframing

Förstudie & Wireframing

Effektivisera arbetet med din e-learningleverantör

Det här webinariet handlar om vikten av förstudier och hur en kreativ workshop med Wireframing kan effektivisera ditt arbete med e-learning, hos er själva eller tillsammans med er e-learningleverantör.

  • Träffa rätt med din utbildningssatsning.
  • Vad bör vara med i en förstudie?
  • Wireframing - kreativ metod för innehållsdefinition.
  • Vikten av en gemensam produktionsprocess - samarbetet mellan kund/leverantör.

Download the recording

On-demand webinar: Engaging Top Talent: Candidate Experience

Engaging Top Talent: Candidate Experience

Engaging Top Talent: Candidate Experience

In this  webinar, Tom Lidstone, Group Recruitment Director at Care UK, discusses how the extensive growth plans of Care UK necessitated a radical new careers site to facilitate the recruitment of up to 8,000 annual hires.

This webinar provides a fascinating case-study into the importance of candidate experience - and how Care UK ensures a positive candidate experience through the creation of an intuitive digital recruitment platform.

Why download:

  • Learn how the conversion rate of site visitors to applicants increased by 4,000% a month after the careers site launched.
  • Learn how the site was created around the needs of a diverse collection of candidates, allowing users to interact with the site either geographically or by role type.
  • Understand the importance of clear candidate journeys, engaging content, and employer brand positioning in engaging and retaining the right candidates.

Download the recording

On-demand webinar: Lumesse & Deloitte Accelerating Learning Effectiveness

Lumesse & Deloitte Accelerating Learning Effectiveness

In this webinar Lumesse and Deloitte present findings from their most recent research and discuss how accelerating learning effectiveness can help organisations live with the increasing pace of change.

To do that Lumesse believes that organisations need to adopt a new mindset, skill set and toolset to meet the needs of employers and employees through something that we're calling Agile Learning.

In this webinar you will hear:

  • The principles and practices of Agile Learning.
  • How Agile Learning better serves employers and employees.
  • How Agile Learning enables strategic execution.
  • The impact of Agile Learning on retention and engagement.

Download the recording

On-demand webinar: Get the most out of your Learning investment

Get the most out of your Learning investment

Working in HR you know that Learning is an essential tool to develop and retain talent, but how do you develop a learning course to support the strategic plan of your company?

This webinar will focus on:

  • Clarification of choice of method and success criteria and how to create Learning objectives.
  • Provide you with knowledge, insight and inspiration when choosing a method of learning.
  • Introduction to how to create a synopsis about learning and use it as a basis when choosing your prefered method of learning.
  • E-learning as a choice of Method.
Download the recording

On-demand webinar (Swedish): App, app, app - Mobilt lärande bortom hypen

App, app, app - Mobilt lärande bortom hypen

Mobilt lärande bortom hypen.

App, app, app - sakta i backarna. Bara för att det finns en ny distributionskanal betyder inte det att vi kan köra på som 'vanligt'. För både pekskärmar och smartphones måste pedagogiken anpassas för att ge bästa möjliga utväxling. Forfarande gäller: 'rätt verktyg för rätt tillfälle'.

Vänligen notera att det dröjer en liten stund innan webinariet kommer igång.

French on-demand webinar: Tout sur le recrutement social & mobile

Tout sur le recrutement social & mobile

Valoriser sa marque employeur par l'adoption des nouvelles pratiques de recrutement

Le monde des RH est à son tour gagné par la révolution technologique : après les grands projets de dématérialisation, nous sommes désormais entrés dans l'ère du web social et du mobile. Mais si les applications mobiles se multiplient ainsi que les possibilités offertes par les réseaux sociaux, notamment en matière de recrutement, nombreux sont ceux qui doutent encore de l'intérêt de ces outils.

Lors de notre webinar, vous découvrirez au travers d'exemples concrets les fonctionnalités et les bénéfices du recrutement social et mobile.

Au programme :

  • Tendances et idées reçues autour du recrutement social et mobile
  • Bonnes pratiques et solutions pour valoriser sa marque employeur et optimiser son recrutement
  • Démonstration de nos applications "sociales" et "mobiles"
  • Retours d'expériences clients
  • Questions - Réponses

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French on-demand webinar: Recrutement Ecoles & Universités

Recrutement Ecoles & Universités

Optimisez la diffusion de vos offres de stage, d'alternance ou de jeunes diplômés

Sourcer des candidats directement dans les écoles est la garantie de candidatures de qualité, correspondant aux profils que vous recherchez. Dans un environnement de plus en plus compétitif pour le recrutement de stagiaires, d'alternants et de jeunes diplômés, il est primordial pour les recruteurs de renforcer leur marque employeur auprès de leurs écoles cibles et d'attirer les bons candidats.

Pour gagner en efficacité et augmenter votre visibilité, l'interface Lumesse - Multiposting permet notamment de déposer directement les annonces sur les intranets des écoles et cela en seulement quelques clics.

Nous vous proposons lors de ce webinar de découvrir plus en détails la solution pour recruter les meilleurs profils pour vos stages et vos postes de jeunes diplômés.