• Lumesse ETWeb - Talent Management Software

    The key to unlocking potential, driving performance and building careers

The Lumesse ETWeb talent management software system offers a full range of integrated capabilities that enable your organization to improve employee engagement, performance and productivity, as well as employee development and retention.

Flexibility to suit your needs

Whether for specific talent objectives or end-to-end global talent management, ETWeb's flexibility supports your organization's talent processes across different markets and geographies.

Ensure the security of your data

Enjoy peace of mind via our rigorously controlled access and comprehensive user management, whether you choose to self-host the talent management software or use Lumesse's service.

Scalability and high performance

The Lumesse ETWeb enterprise architecture offers the scalability to meet the largest organizations’ needs, delivering high performance when supporting even the most complex business processes.

Talent intelligence to inspire your team

Powerful HR analytics and reporting, combined with instant access to country- and function-specific talent information, enable effective global talent management.

Take a close look at Lumesse ETWeb

Keep performance on track

Managers and employees benefit from quick access to current reviews and appraisal histories. A complete and ongoing employee review process (across performance evaluations, general appraisals, development and career plans) allows for a balanced, fair and ongoing review.

Engage employees in meaningful conversations

The appraisal process combines all talent management areas, such as employee performance, strengths and weaknesses, goals and objectives, learning and development, and career planning, helping managers and employees to have mutually productive discussions.

Connect employees with the right development activities

Employee development is crucial to building high performance teams and increasing employee retention. Use development planning analysis insight to improve development activities, increase efficiency, and drive employee engagement.

Identify and address gaps in skills and positions

Every organization loses talent, but through well-designed succession planning tools and processes, organizations can be prepared for the eventualities of employee turnover and ongoing reorganization. Using career development and succession planning tools, management can plot out their corporate structure, and identify gaps in skills, positions, and organizational bench strength. When a position becomes vacant, they are ready to plug in new, well-groomed talent and mitigate lost productivity.

Get a full picture of your workforce’s performance.

A full 360 degree feedback process leverages the features of the Lumesse talent management software system. From easy feedback provider selection to feedback-related coaching, the solution ensures that employees get helpful guidance they can turn into actionable goals.

Turn downtime into up-time

Enable a productive and engaged workforce by empowering managers to approve absences, development activities and performance plans on the go straight from their mobile devices. Meanwhile, employees can stay up to date on training tasks, track goals and objectives, and access their performance plans seamlessly across hardware platforms anytime.

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