• Lumesse Learning Gateway

    Deliver more agile & higher impact learning

Learning Gateway, a 100% Software-as-a-Service learning management system, allows organisations to tailor every detail of the learning experience themselves, quickly creating multiple, personalised learner portals on the same LMS. The results are higher impact learning with better organisational outcomes.

A truly personalized learner experience

Promote learning with compelling, fully self-service-configurable portal interfaces targeted at specific audiences whilst encouraging social learning and interaction.

Engage & motivate your employees

Deliver targeted blended learning programs to engage, develop and bring out the best in your people, inspiring learners to own their development.

Simple integration to merge with your existing HRIS solutions

Lumesse Learning Gateway easily integrate with your existing HR infrastructure, providing you with an end-to-end integrated talent management solutions.

Reduce costs, manage quality & increase productivity

True ease-of-use ensures you're in control of the content, targeting and portals your learners enjoy, delivering your learning strategy cost effectively.

Take a closer look at Lumesse Learning Gateway

Increase engagement through personalised learning experiences.

Brand your learning portal exactly the way you want.  Beyond a traditional LMS, our Learning portal is an extension of your website/intranet, very easy to configure and change. Create different workspaces for different topics to attract a diverse audience. Use it with both with internal audiences and contractors to ensure everyone is fully trained. Lumesse Learning Gateway has a fully self-configurable user interface, improving business agility by helping organisations deliver better learning experiences, faster and at lower cost. This leads to more effective learning and happier, more skilled employees.

Deliver a powerful learner experience

A fresh, dynamic user interface that organisations can update themselves will keep audiences coming back to learn more. Continuously updated content also shows the organisation is serious about providing opportunities for its people. Lower costs and time savings are achieved via a ‘do-it-yourself’ editor – making updating learning as easy as using powerpoint. Clients can easily keep the pages of the LMS continuously updated as learning strategy or objectives change, responding faster to requests from the organisation, reducing or even eliminating dependence on external suppliers to do updates, and gaining support of managers throughout the business by enabling them to update the LMS interface themselves.

Best of breed Learning Management for every organization

Learning Gateway is used by many clients as the LMS of choice alongside Lumesse Talent Management, Workday, SAP SuccessFactors and Oracle. Our web service allows clients to report on employee’s entire learning journey, including learning data helped outside of Learning Gateway, in your HRIS or Talent Management System.

"Lumesse is helping us continuously feed knowledge forward in all parts of the organisation. I don’t mean by using the traditional top-down approach controlled by HR, but a more engaging, involving approach where HR is an enabler, helping align the entire organisation to new stuff and drive business change."

Henrik R. Mortensen, Programme Manager

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