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We work actively with leading companies in the HR and talent services field, both nationally and internationally. Discover how our global network of distribution partners bring Lumesse closer to you. You can also learn about our global technology partners, our agile outsourcing partners and innovative value-added service partners.

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New Leaders Group

China - Helps companies customize technology platforms with scientific tools to resolve talent decision concerns, reduce risks and increase ROI. Assessment for recruitment, leadership, development, succession etc.


Nixfon, a Malaysian company providing innovative software solutions, with solutions and consultancy services, Nixfon helps organisations adopt a strategic talent management approach.


United States - Novotus offer unique recruiting methods and technologies, coupled with excellent recruiters. Its solutions are fully customizable, and their shared service recruiting model reduces customer costs.


As a Lumesse distributor in Africa we deliver a unique “one stop shop” for customers seeking competitive advantage in the attraction, retention and development of talent, through our e-recruitment, e-learning and talent management solutions.

Squareone Technologies

Middle East & Africa - SquareOne Technologies is a provider of niche solutions in the ICT sector catering to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. With offices in six major cities and a network of partners, we serve the region as a system integrator as well as value added distributor for emerging technologies.


Israel - With 25 years of experience in workforce management and over 5,500 installations worldwide, Synerion create a bridge that evolves daily HR activities into proactive talent management.

Taurus Group Consulting

Turkey - Taurus Group Consulting (TAG) provides HR services in Turkey. We help establish, integrate and provide training for competency-based Human Resource processes.


United States - Workday's mission is to build the next generation of enterprise business services—Human Capital Management, Financial Management, and Payroll—delivering the solutions on a Software as a Service model.


Learning content - On Demand


Vado provides employee and management e-learning courseware in Competency Development, Engagement & Retention, Career Development and Onboarding/Induction. We provide complimentary Mapping as a Service to a company’s learning objectives.




Value Added Services


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