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Lumesse Talent Management Solutions
Create a people advantage for your business

In today’s hyper competitive, fast changing global business environment, the demand on HR has never been greater. The competition for star talent and the need to secure a robust leadership pipeline has never been more present at CEO and board level. Lumesse’s talent management cloud services enable your organization to create a talent and leadership advantage, wherever you do business.

We know talent is your most precious asset and that your talent initiatives have to be as diversified as your company’s workforce. That’s why our cloud services offer you choice and flexibility, enabling you to deploy your own cloud or have Lumesse host it. Make talent management a strategic and impactful corporate initiative and implement locally optimized talent processes across all job functions and all divisions of your large organization.The choice is yours.

What we offer
Our solutions enable your organization to foster employee engagement, increase retention rates, enhance performance, improve productivity, and deliver critical learning. Our talent management and talent acquisition solutions are available in over 50 languages. They are modular, flexible and easily integrated, allowing you to build talent processes that work for you.
  • Recruiting has changed dramatically. It now has more in common with multi-channel marketing. Employer branding and social channels have become increasingly important strategies to build a talent pipeline that feeds your permanent and contingent workforce. Lumesse Recruiting Solutions makes attracting, screening and hiring the right candidate simple, providing your organization with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Your organization has invested time and effort to perfect its recruitment process – you’ve landed the best candidate for the job. Now, it is critical to build on this great first impression and make it last. Organizations with a formal onboarding process achieve 50% higher productivity, 2 x higher engagement and 50% higher retention for new hires. Take advantage of market-leading onboarding capabilities to ensure that your new hire is productive, engaged and able to perform from Day One.

  • Performance management is more than just measuring performance against objectives. It is about engaging employees with their business outcomes to inspire them to give their best in areas where it matters. Lumesse Performance offers employees, managers and HR teams the tools and insights to inspire people to perform to the best of their ability, ensuring all goals are aligned, measuring performance and rewarding success.

  • Compensation is an essential tool to drive business execution and resource. Done well it drives workforce motivation and morale, improves your ability to attract and retain top talent and motivates exceptional contributions. Lumesse Compensation enables your organization to create an effective compensation management strategy that covers base salary, bonuses, incentive schemes and company benefits.

  • Your ability to identify and engage your high potentials, and nurture them into your next leaders, may very well define the future success of your company.

    Leaving it to chance is not an option. Lumesse’s Career & Success Solution ensures that mission critical roles, skills and competencies are anticipated and met. We will help you address any gaps in your bench, manage your internal and external high potential pools, as well as find, engage and develop your next leaders.

  • Learning is a critical business enabler in competitive markets. It allows companies to develop and evolve the capabilities of their workforce, to acquire new competencies, to reskill their staff and to build deeper leadership pipelines. It ensures that new hires have the required knowledge and certifications to excel at their jobs.


    Lumesse Learning Solutions provide an engaging training experience with a blended mix of e-learning, structured and social learning programs.

  • Lumesse is developing next-generation Talent Management solutions from the ground up on the Salesforce platform: TalentObjects by Lumesse. The TalentObjects suite will be a set of modules that deliver key capabilities to develop the workforce including Recruit, Perform, Reward, Succession, and Learn.

    TalentObjects connect you to a mobile talent pool or workforce so that you can build relationships and get things done anytime and anywhere. All along that critical path which starts with the first interaction.

    Current availability is limited to TalentObjects:Recruit and North America.