Lumesse TalentLink Mobile brings the power of mobile ‘Apps for Everything’ philosophy to enterprise talent management

Published on   15.06.2011

London, 15 June, 2011 - Lumesse, a global leader in integrated talent management solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking new mobile capability to better support enterprise talent management. Employees, managers and HR staff will be able to use an intuitive mobile application for Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry devices that supports a new way of working and collaborating, bringing mobility and instant access to critical company information on people, jobs, candidates, interviews and hiring processes. The introduction of Lumesse TalentLink Mobile is part of the company's broader 'Apps for Everything' philosophy, taking talent management beyond the browser. 'Apps for Everything' brings a personalised, app-based recruitment experience to all kinds of smartphone and tablet devices, with a focus on engagement, efficiency and go-anywhere collaboration. This new mobile capability has the benefit of supporting faster decision making, reducing process bottlenecks, providing instant insight to information regardless of time and location, and encouraging greater collaboration among people.

Mobile ImageUsing Lumesse TalentLink Mobile starts with a simple app store download, then logging in with company credentials to provide a secure, user-personalised and user-relevant environment seamlessly connected to Lumesse TalentLink's robust SaaS platform. Unlike mobile browser based apps the application is optimised for both slow and fast mobile connections and designed to deliver an individual, highly-personalised, enjoyable user experience with data and functionality specific to the role of the user. Lumesse TalentLink Mobile brings the power of an enterprise talent acquisition platform to a wide range of user roles, including HR managers, hiring managers and corporate executives, offering a next-generation, app-based interface that delivers only relevant information and capabilities at any time and in any global location.

Among the capabilities of Lumesse TalentLink Mobile are:

  • Securely logging in to Lumesse TalentLink through a robust, mobile-optimised security protocol to access user role-specific data and functionality.
  • An efficient, mobile-optimised user interface that delivers only relevant, context-sensitive information based on your profile.
  • Accessing and updating a mobile-friendly version of your personal profile to share with colleagues.
  • Approving job requisitions and reviewing available positions.
  • Accessing candidate lists and inviting people for interviews.
  • Sharing opportunities out through mobile social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

"Lumesse TalentLink Mobile is the first step in our vision of 'Apps for Everything' in a fully integrated talent management platform. Our customers tell us that rapidly accessing key information on people and opportunities, wherever they happen to be working, is critical to hiring the best people and improving the candidate experience," said Matthew Parker, Lumesse CEO. "In the kind of companies that are using Lumesse TalentLink, the ability to work rapidly with colleagues across geographical, time and language boundaries cuts the time and cost of finding, hiring and onboarding new people."

Lumesse TalentLink Mobile will be available early Summer 2011 on Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry devices. The application is optimised for efficent use of mobile data, connecting securely to the SaaS-based Lumesse TalentLink platform through any mobile data connection. Lumesse has committed to releasing regular updates of Lumesse TalentLink Mobile to increase its capability to reflect the growing power of smartphones and tablets, and the increasing use of such devices as primary enterprise information tools.

More information: www.lumesse.com/lumesse-talentlink-mobile
Product information: www.lumesse.com/what-we-do
Read our blog at: www.lumesse.com/blog

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