Lumesse CourseBuilder

Create. Share. Collaborate.

Organisations have a wide choice of content authoring software. But not all authoring tools are created equal. Lumesse CourseBuilder stands out by making content development and content management faster, easier, and more intuitive.

Lumesse CourseBuilder is a collaborative, cloud-based e-learning authoring solution that empowers your team to easily deliver compelling and engaging learning content, suitable for desktops and mobile devices. Key stakeholders can create, share and collaborate in real-time during the content development process, using one solution and toolset. Subject matter experts, graphic designers, business managers, translators, people within your team and external partners can quickly find and reuse content developed anywhere in your organisation.

Lumesse CourseBuilder assists you to create content quickly, and delivers a high return on investment. Built using over ten years of research and development and delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), Lumesse CourseBuilder is used daily by award-winning content developers and multinational companies.

With Lumesse CourseBuilder's collaboration capabilities, managers and teams have full control and visibility throughout the content creation process. Learning managers can save time by creating content just once and enjoy the flexibility of publishing courses easily across desktop and mobile devices to suit their learners. With Lumesse CourseBuilder's unique skin and publishing capabilities, users can easily create powerful e-learning content in both Flash and HTML5. Learners can seamlessly access courses across different devices without losing their progress and picking up where they left off.


  • Create Compelling Content Effortlessly: Combining intuitive user interface, WYSIWYG editing and step-by-step menus guide, Lumesse CourseBuilder makes it easier to create compelling and engaging e-learning content that gets people motivated to learn.
  • Manage Content and Collaborate Effectively: Virtual teams can produce content faster with simpler ways to communicate, coordinate, and control complex processes.
  • Gain Quality Control: Comprehensive and configurable workflow ensures complete control of review processes and permit easy tracking and documentation of feedback.
  • Reduce Costs: Lower costs by keeping a highly scalable shared library of digital assets and files to be stored (such as pictures, animations, videos and learning segments) reducing production time and increasing the effective re-use of content.
  • Go Global: Gain control over all your content including multiple language versions and localisations with world-class language functionality for translation and localisation.
  • Save Time: The media library and extended hosting feature allows you to find, store and save files and elements efficiently, saving you time by reducing repetitive tasks.


Lumesse CourseBuilder Is Ideal For Creating All Kinds Of eLearning Content:

  • Courses and online programmes
  • Quizzes, tests and assessments
  • Software simulations
  • Interactive games
  • Converting legacy content to e-learning using a PowerPoint conversion


...And By The Way, It's Award Winning!

Lumesse CourseBuilder has been recognised by leading analysts with numerous awards including being named as a '2012 and 2013 Top Authoring Tools Company' by leading training portal trainingindustry.com, and winning a Gold Brandon Hall Award for Excellence in Learning Technology in 2012.