Lumesse TalentLink

Configurable, Intuitive, Multi-Channel Talent Acquisition

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It's never been more important to have a talent attraction strategy that uses multiple channels with quick and easy processes to find and secure the very best people ahead of the competition. Lumesse TalentLink improves recruitment efficiency for customers of all types and sizes.

Whether you're a small team, mid-sized company, or one of our many global brands such as Heineken, France Telecom (Orange), and Tommy Hilfiger, the powerful, configurable technology of Lumesse TalentLink gives you a real competitive edge.

Available in almost 30 languages and based on state of the art Web 2.0 technology, delivered as SaaS, Lumesse TalentLink is innovative and intuitive, supporting complex global graduate recruitment campaigns as easily as crucial executive appointments.

A Closer Look At Lumesse TalentLink

  • Screenshot_Talentlink_Slideshow_ThumbDefine your own personalised workspace to support your daily activities....
  • Lumesse TalentLink screenshot 1Personalise your workspace, by drag and dropping additional apps into your workspace. Make using enterprise software fun whilst making your job easier.
  • Lumesse TalentLink 4Keep track of your candidate inflow with configurable reporting apps on your workspace.




  • Quick And Easy: Powerful and intuitive app-based technology speeds up the recruitment process and helps you make better hiring decisions. You'll be able to co-ordinate and accelerate hiring manager tasks, while HR's time will be freed up to add value elsewhere.
  • Greater Control: Bring together all the direct and indirect elements of your talent attraction and talent sourcing activities in one secure online space, with all the advantages of SaaS technology.
  • Identify the Best Channels: Whether you find talent through social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, or preferred-supplier recruitment agencies, job boards or outsourcing companies,
    Lumesse TalentLink makes you more effective, generating detailed reports that let you see which sources are most effective.
  • Get Personal: Personalised workspaces and dedicated web portals make your daily job easier and limit your reliance on external recruiters, reducing your recruitment costs.
  • Visibility and Ease-Of-Use: Build high-quality career portals that appeal to both internal and external candidates, allowing them to quickly and easily track their application status.
  • Manage Compliance: Be safe in the knowledge that your organisation complies with local employment and data protection legislation, as well as your own internal commitments on diversity.
  • Raise HR's Profile: Make life easier for hiring managers with automated processes and valuable reporting and analytics, showing HR to be a true business partner.

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