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3 step services

3 Step Services

We don't just support you while you implement our solutions; we have built a holistic methodology that ensures we support you throughout your entire journey of researching, implementing and building on your Talent Management strategy.


Our 3 Step Services approach starts at the Prepare stage, where we can share research and information with you to help in your decision making process for the start of your Talent Management journey. From insight papers and questionnaires to business case builders and comparison sheets, we have a wealth of information to help in that all important decision making process.

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Once you have chosen a product, module or service, our ideal implementation approach will make sure you go live 'on time and to budget' every time. Our experienced implementation consultants will guide you through the implementation process, providing dedicated support according to your requirements.

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We know that Talent Management is a journey, and that the work doesn't stop once you go live. That's why we have developed a range of services to support you after launching, to ensure the success continues as you grow with your new solution:

Support - Our comprehensive global customer support provides access to dedicated experts across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific, offering support on two levels - Standard and Premium. Whichever option you choose, we apply the same high standards to our Support process.

Lumesse Academy - In our experience, talented people always want to learn and we love to teach them. Your people will be inspired by our training programmes. Practical, participative and enjoyable, our courses enable users to become more resourceful, creative and ultimately, more productive. As a global leader in Learning as well as Talent Management, you can access our wealth of training options via the Lumesse Academy.

Additional Services - Relationships matter and our business is about people. So is yours. Once you're up and running with a Lumesse solution our consultants are there to work alongside you so you get the best from our integrated Talent Management technology, offering a range of services to make sure you're still on track with your talent strategy.