Custom learning content

Learning that's perfect for you

What could be better than training built just for you? At Lumesse our team of dedicated learning professionals develops and creates unique courses and training programmes for your organisation. With over 10 years' experience in creating award-winning custom e-learning for large private and public sector organisations worldwide, Lumesse has built a strong reputation in fit for purpose custom content.

In our dedicated studios we build specific e-learning courses for all types of organisations. With over 1,000 projects completed, we have in-depth knowledge of how people learn best about topics covering everything from induction and health and safety through to compliance, leadership and systems training. We develop interactive PDFs as well as content for mobile platforms, tablets or standalone CDs/DVDs.

Collaborative development

Collaboration with you is vital when creating custom e-learning. We use Lumesse CourseBuilder, our cloud-based collaborative authoring platform, to work hand in hand with clients during projects. This eliminates 'email overload' while maintaining systematic documentation of comments and review processes and enables easier content updates.

Lumesse has also established a unique way of engaging stakeholders in the collaborative development of a course from the outset: we call it Wireframing. Wireframing helps our clients to get a clear vision and outline of the programme and minimises the investment of their time.

By using Wireframing we:

  • Set the right expectation for what you want and what we will provide.
  • Create a foundation for confirming objectives and give a clear vision forward.
  • Benefit from the fact that Wireframes are visual and focus on creativity and engagement, unlike traditional word scripts.

Our unique Wireframing approach to design and development allows the creation of a tailored learning experience that fits your organisational needs, whilst ensuring your stakeholders are fully engaged.