• Recruitment Software

    Exploit the benefits of a recruitment software solution built for today's global talent acquisition challenges.

Engaging top candidates in a fast-paced, competitive market takes time you likely don't have. Our recruitment solutions automate many key steps to help you to recruit higher quality candidates, transform your efficiency and save you time and money.

Many companies depend on recruitment software because it automates and accelerates the recruitment process. The software tracks information from CVs/résumés and distills key qualifications into a database to enable recruiters to analyze and identify the most suitable candidates for a position.

Lumesse Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment solutions for today's talent generations.

Lumesse TalentLink

TalentLink is a robust yet flexible recruitment software solution and application tracking system that empowers large and midsize organizations to identify, engage and hire the best talent anywhere in the world while addressing local requirements. It provides automation, ease of use and distribution to make recruiting processes as efficient and effective as possible. 

TalentObjects by Lumesse

Built on the Salesforce App Cloud, TalentObjects is an end-to-end recruitment system for attracting, engaging, hiring, and onboarding top talent. With a common and consumer-like user interface and single data repository, TalentObjects is an ideal analytics foundation to enable insights-driven hiring.

i-Grasp by Lumesse

Lumesse i-Grasp is talent acquisition software that is ideal for large enterprises. i-Grasp allows HR organizations to manage all elements of the recruitment process, from creating their careers website to onboarding employees. The solution is available in many languages and can be quickly and reliably implemented anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Using Recruitment Software

  • Automates and simplifies workflow.
  •  Saves on time and expenses.
  •  Enhances dialogue between hiring managers and applicants.
  • Delivers seamless transactions and optimal user experience across stationary and mobile devices.

Features of Lumesse Recruitment Software

Track every phase of the hiring process

Manage all recruitment contract types with 850 configuration options to mirror your processes. Tailor the reporting function to your needs and generate reports and metrics quickly and accurately. Plus, approve and manage timesheets straight from the system.

Publish your jobs to more than 200 social media sites.

Market your job openings more quickly and easily with Lumesse recruitment software. Advertising can be easy by managing postings via your careers site, job boards, and more than 200 social media sites, as well as alerting your preferred recruitment agencies simultaneously.

Enhance your employer brand with our career sites

Make sure candidates can search and apply for jobs on a career website that is built to match your brand. Plus, with responsive design, they'll get the same great candidate experience whether they're on a desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Simplify the job application process

Minimize high talent drop-off by saying 'no' to multi-page, complex applications. Deliver a winning candidate experience with a simple and intuitive one-page application process so applicant is more likely to finish. Engage candidates on device of their choice and let them easily apply with LinkedIn and Xing.

Recruit on the go and fill positions faster

Does your recruitment system support mobile so that applicants and recruiters can connect anytime, anywhere? 

  • Improve hiring manager and recruiter collaboration
  • Accelerate team feedback on candidates
  •  Drive agility, faster response times and job fills 

Optimize your recruitment process with valuable insights 

Reporting should be simple so you can make great decisions about your talent. From measuring source effectiveness to monitoring your time to hire, with Lumesse recruitment software you can rest assured you have access to the insights you need.