Technical services

To support the development of our solutions and our customer operations, our technical services team is responsible for all activities related to the availability and continuity of our solutions and services. For more information about these services, please contact your nearest Lumesse office.

Secure Data Services

Our services are co-located in dedicated spaces in secure, world-class data centres. The data centres are certified and regularly audited by specialised external auditors. Typical characteristics of the data centres include:

  • Perimeter defences
  • 24-hour manned security, including perimeter inspection
  • Video surveillance (CCTV) throughout facility and perimeters
  • Strong and strictly monitored access controls
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Buildings engineered for weather and flood risks
  • Redundant power (including batteries, UPS and diesel generators)
  • Redundant connection to multi-carrier internet services
  • Infrastructure located in dedicated secure restricted area
  • Infrastructure owned and maintained by Lumesse staff

Lumesse uses secure hosting centres in Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Norway), Singapore, United States and the Republic of China that provide our customers with local, high-performance facilities meeting global standards.

Disaster Recovery Services

Our network and systems are built with redundancy as a fundamental principle. We actively recover from faults at all levels of our architecture. Our disaster recovery capability can handle an extended total loss of access or complete loss of the data centre. We have strict backup procedures and tested disaster recovery plans in place to ensure quick restoration of services with minimal loss of data in case an incident should happen. Disaster Recovery plans are tested on an annual basis to ensure effectiveness and to verify recovery times.

The disaster recovery service is a standard component of the service level agreements for Lumesse TalentLink and Lumesse ETWeb.

Escrow Services

Lumesse offers customers additional Source Code Escrow services via the trusted third party NCC Group. Lumesse offers different services for its product portfolio, such as single-licence agreements and multi-licence agreements. Additionally Lumesse offers data Escrow services for its customers. Under this service Lumesse deposits a copy of the database containing customer information on a monthly basis at NCC Group. NCC Group tests the data for integrity and completeness and ensures availability of the data to the customer.

Escrow services are currently available for Lumesse TalentLink and Lumesse ETWeb.

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