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Recruiting has changed dramatically. It now has more in common with multi-channel marketing. Employer branding and social channels have become increasingly important strategies to build a talent pipeline that feeds your permanent and contingent workforce. Lumesse Recruiting Solutions makes attracting, screening and hiring the right candidate simple, providing your organization with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.
Focused on bringing people together

Our Talent Acquisition solutions bring candidates, recruiters and hiring managers together and offer an organized and fresh approach to collaborative work.

Create a lasting first impression

Leave candidates with a lasting impression and reduce the chance of counter-offers by ensuring an enhanced, fast and transparent candidate experience.

Drive your results

Attract the highest quality candidates by using the most effective sources and optimize your mix of sources for the highest impact.

Tailor-made multi channel marketing solutions

Create tailor-made communications strategies for every channel, from social media and digital marketing to job boards and traditional press and print.

"Prior to implementing Lumesse Recruiting it could take at least 9 days to have an advert designed and placed in the local newspaper. We now have candidates who have completed their online application, aptitude tests and have scheduled or attended their final interview in the time it used to take just to place an ad. The facility to enable the candidate to schedule their own interview has moved us within a month from 50% to 90% attendance at interview."

Lumesse Recruiting Solutions
  • Lumesse TalentLink

    TalentLink offers multiple recruitment processes and has extensive configurability to help you get up to speed quickly and effectively. It allows you to manage permanent and contingent workforces, global recruitment and related processes all in one place, from wherever you are in the world.

  • Lumesse TalentLink Mobile

    Enable your talent acquisition process to go mobile; our app supports a faster, more collaborative approach to working, allowing mobility and instant access to recruitment information and hiring processes on the go.

  • Lumesse TalentLink Mobile Career Site

    Differentiate your organization from competitors by giving candidates the freedom and flexibility to search for jobs on the go and on their terms, with our mobile-enabled career site.

  • EasyCruit by Lumesse

    EasyCruit is a simple yet powerful tool available in over 20 languages that connects hiring managers to local talent pools. Ideal for enterprises with small office locations, or site specific hiring without the HR department.