• TalentObjects: Recruitment Software for Salesforce App Cloud

    Attract, engage, and bring new talent into the organization

Built on the Salesforce App Cloud, TalentObjects is a recruitment software platform for all of your recruiting and employee onboarding needs. 

In human resources recruiting where the use of multiple, poorly integrated systems is common, TalentObjects provides a one-stop recruitment software platform. The solution includes an applicant tracking system, job board and social media interfaces, and onboarding functionality to attract, engage, hire, and bring new talent into the organization, while offering recruiters, hiring managers and candidates the connectivity and collaboration today’s mobile culture demands.

Recruitment software that optimizes talent engagement

Talent shortages and skills gaps remain pressing issues for most companies, large and small. Ensuring your talent pipeline is full of high-quality top performers and high-potential employees across all areas of your business is essential.

Lumesse talent acquisition solutions such as TalentObjects engage and develop candidates and employees throughout the entire candidate journey. Get that journey off to a great start by building a branded online presence, through which your company can connect with talented professionals. Comprehensive visibility of candidates and job opportunities can keep your talent acquisition pipeline full of candidates to step in and support your organizational needs.

Meanwhile, the TalentObjects user interface provides a familiar view and ease of use for HR and non-HR professionals alike, thus broadening adoption and reducing training across the enterprise. TalentObjects helps HR professionals, hiring managers, hiring teams, and candidates to connect, collaborate, and streamline processes like never before.

Ensure a great candidate experience from the first touch

Today’s talent is a largely tech-savvy, mobile populace, and its members expect to connect with potential employers in ways that fit their lifestyles. Lumesse TalentObjects offers a consumer-like interface that enables candidates to easily apply for a job, and communicate and collaborate with recruiters and hiring managers, regardless of the device they’re using (e.g., desktop, smart phone, and tablets). The system also features an intelligent applicant tracking system that ensures every interaction is a timely and relevant one for the candidate.

Mobile recruiting connects you with candidates on-the-go

Adopting mobile recruiting tools are crucial for creating an ever-present and engaging talent journey for candidates, as well as for giving hiring teams the ability to respond instantly, from anywhere at any time. Never again lose a candidate on-the-go to a faster competitor. TalentObjects recruitment software streamlines the end-to-end hiring process with a platform-agnostic solution that seamlessly supports the talent acquisition process on desktop computers and a wide variety of mobile devices.

In addition, TalentObjects interoperates with today’s top social media platforms to enable you to grow your candidate pool and interact and assess your potential new talent.

Extend your investment in the Salesforce App Cloud

So why should you care that TalentObjects runs on Salesforce.com, the #1 enterprise cloud-based solutions provider and most trusted platform for enterprise SaaS applications? Because it serves as the ideal backbone for the entire talent management journey: it’s cloud-based, secure, intuitive, built specifically for your business, and highly scalable.

What’s more, Lumesse TalentObjects is natively developed to work with other Salesforce applications, enabling your recruiting teams to leverage existing administration and support, and minimize training costs.