Americas Leadership

The management team of Lumesse Americas has over 100 years of Software experience, predominantly in the area of Human Capital Management. These individuals each have amazing track records in sales, marketing and customer success. Each person is uniquely and personally committed to the client experience and possesses the skills, knowledge and energy to drive measurable results.

Read more about the Leadership Team below, and learn what they do for Lumesse, how they approach their jobs, and what they like about working here.

Bucky Couch

Executive Vice President, Americas

I run Lumesse's fast-growing Americas team - a team that is passionate about creating talent solutions that help transform the way companies engage with their employees. We are proud that Lumesse is helping many multi-national, enterprise-scale companies in the Americas to streamline talent processes, engage their employees globally, and use business intelligence analytics in critical decision-making.

I've been in the talent business for many years, having been a co-founder of hire.com and as a partner, consultant, and employee of Lumesse for the last several years. I've learned that my primary role as a leader is to hire the best people, support them, and get out of their way. I believe the key quality that sets us apart from the rest of the pack is that Lumesse employees genuinely like and support each other, enjoy working together, and appreciate the freedom and flexibility we have to pursue our collective passion of helping our customers succeed.

In the Americas region Lumesse is not yet that well known, so some companies may initially be reluctant to engage with us. But, as a result of the benefits we've brought to our growing base of enterprise customers, coupled with strong recommendations from industry analysts, more and more Americas-based companies are turning to Lumesse for the balance of global expertise and local knowledge we bring to every engagement - that's our special sauce!

Shelley Ingram

Vice President Professional Customer Success, Americas

I am responsible at Lumesse for our Professional Services team that works on implementations, consulting and training as well as the post-implementation Customer Support, and Account Management. Our group is highly passionate and dedicated, making Lumesse a great place to work. Our customers, both current and future, are extremely diverse and sophisticated, and expect a team of experienced Talent Management professionals. It is my primary job to ensure we have the right team on each customer.

The Americas region of Lumesse is fast-growing and constantly changing. We are the epitome of helping organizations locally that are implementing global talent management solutions as most of our customers have some level of a global footprint. I manage everything that is post-sales for the North American region. We refer to this as the promise keepers as it is our job to make sure our customer gets the full value of the solution they purchased. So there is never a dull moment! It's exciting and rewarding to partner with our customers, not just from a software perspective, but as collaborators regarding talent management processes.

Prior to Lumesse, I managed the On-Demand division at a competitor, where I was responsible for customer's ongoing consulting and development needs. I have focused on the Talent Management arena since 2000 after spending years in Big 5 process and technology consulting. Prior to consulting, I spent a career in the financial services industry on Wall Street. I have always valued education and have a Masters degree from Stanford University  as well as an MBA from Northwestern University.

Kathleen Gibson

Regional Financial Controller, Americas

I am charged with the oversight of financial compliance and human resource management for the growing Americas Lumesse team. In addition, I manage the day to day accounting needs of the organization while interfacing with our consultants, sales members, and customers.

I have been in the accounting and finance field for more than 20 years, dedicating time to public accounting in addition to working in industry. I am very proud to be a part of a global organization where I can contribute not only to the financial success of the Americas team, but also to the success of Lumesse globally. I am a part of a growing Americas business that I support with financial planning, budgeting, and compliance. Working with an international organization and interfacing with colleagues across the globe presents complex, intriguing, and exciting opportunities. As part of the Americas Leadership Team, I have the privilege to work with a group of enthusiastic, talented, and very energetic people. The opportunity to be a part of a cohesive team and excellent talent is exciting.

I joined Lumesse in January 2011 where my responsibilities focus on Accounting and Finance in addition to Human Resource Administration for the Americas. Prior to joining Lumesse, I worked in Accounting & Finance Management for Dell, Inc. having the primary responsibility of the Lease Valuation and End of Lease division. My background also includes holding the position of Controller for two other professional services and engineering firms. Prior to occupying positions in industry I held positions in public accounting as a member of the corporate tax team with KPMG and Grant Thornton.

Adam Couch

Vice President Sales, Americas

My job at Lumesse is to help drive revenue through our direct sales channel as well as oversee our Latin American operations; and that has been an eye opening experience. With our great Americas team in place, we are experiencing unprecedented growth and the future looks even more illuminating!

I have been in the talent management industry for more than a decade. I have had the opportunity to work for some great companies and Lumesse is the best yet. The people at Lumesse are what make it both fun and successful. The team of people here in the US, and also around the world, have two common goals... make customers happy and have some fun along the way. We have had the luxury of happy customers here in the states for more than seven years and the team of people, well let's just say when we get together there is no lack of fun.