What We Do

Inspiring Talent Management

Lumesse is the only global company making talent management solutions work locally. We help customers around the world to implement successful local talent management initiatives that identify, nurture and develop the right people, in the right places, at the right time. Find out more about how we work with you in our customer promise.

Our passion is intuitive technology that people love to use, creating fantastic outcomes and inspiring careers. We deliver a variety of integrated talent management solutions as a service (SaaS), on-premise or hosted from secure datacentres worldwide.

For us, integrated talent management means solutions that work seamlessly together to improve your business - from finding the right people, through bringing them on board, training them, to making them as successful and fulfilled as they can possibly be.

Our integrated talent management solutions include Recruiting, Onboarding, HR Core, Learning, Performance Management, Compensation Management, Skills & Competency Management, 360 Degree Feedback, Career & Succession Planning and HR Analytics.

We also believe in choice as a fundamental value - so we respect your right to decide the best way to deploy integrated talent management in your own business. So whether you want to run our software on your own infrastructure, or have us host it securely for you in one of our global datacentres, or choose our best-of-breed SaaS offering - we're here to help.

Whatever you chose, we promise to work hard to deliver a fantastic outcome for your business and inspiring careers for you and your people.


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