The introduction of transparent, efficient talent management processes [with Lumesse ETWeb] is an important step which underlines the intention of Symrise to be an Employer of Choice.
Corporate Vice President of Human ResourcesSymrise - Germany

Lumesse HR Core

Enhanced Decisions

Accurate and up-to-date HR information enables effective planning across all HR activities. Lumesse HR Core captures and consolidates employees, and positions data across multiple applications such as Performance Management, Learning Management or your payroll system, producing accurate, up-to-date information with less reliance on data entry, resulting in fewer errors.

Lumesse HR Core enables you to view individuals or groups in a positional or function-oriented way. You are able visualise alternative organisational structures and multiple reporting relationships. Additionally, you can produce comprehensive and visually appealing reports, from the entire organisation to a small division, on factors such as percentage of diversity hires, language skills or time in position.

Lumesse HR Core allows you to:

  • Reduce Costs: Improve efficiency through a centralised database of complete employee profiles.
  • Improve Accuracy: Consolidate and analyse data from existing systems (SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, etc.) with standard interfaces, eliminating duplicate data entry and errors.
  • Work Smarter: Accelerate HR processes through automated workflows and task-based reminders.
  • Create Visibility: Provide managers with a snapshot of individuals and groups, across functions and locations.
  • Increase Compliance: Meet global and regional regulatory requirements.
  • Make Better Decisions: Deliver more accurate information and flexible reporting.
  • Self-Service: Empower manager and employee users via advanced, secure self-service features.

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Lumesse ETWeb

Lumesse ETWeb is a fully integrated talent management solution trusted by big brands around the globe and available either on-premises or fully Lumesse hosted. A true global enterprise talent management solution, with an intuitive and attractive user interface. Lumesse ETWeb combines deep business insight with a great user experience driving higher user adoption levels.

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