With Lumesse TalentLink all our applicants will receive professional communications that will enhance our employer brand.
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Lumesse Onboarding

Make It Great From The Start

Once you've found and secured the best person, it is important to maintain the positive candidate experience. By creating a great onboarding process, you will generate enthusiasm, goodwill and accelerate the induction of every new hire.

Lumesse Onboarding gives you all the tools you need to manage, support and communicate with new hires from the moment they accept your job offer.

  • A Joined-Up Approach: Coordinate employment offers, contracts, and induction activities in a secure online environment, reducing the potential for errors whilst keeping administration to a minimum.
  • Be Compliant: Ensure compliance with increasingly complex legislation for equal opportunity and data protection.
  • Getting Started: Build a branded online portal for new hires, with Frequently Asked Questions and the latest company news, creating a sense of belonging even before their first day.
  • Build Key Skills: Bring your new people on board with managed induction and training programmes that equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to hit the ground running.

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Lumesse TalentLink

Lumesse TalentLink is the feature-rich SaaS platform of choice for organisations of all sizes. It's easy to implement, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems and adheres to stringent data privacy legislation. With easy to configure Apps (application modules) you can create personalised workspaces that fit around the way you work. Lumesse TalentLink is multilingual and supports all types of recruitment within different business models.

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Lumesse i-GRasp

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