Technology Choices

Choose The Right Technology For Your Business

Lumesse promises to be the only global company making talent management solutions work locally. Part of that promise is giving our customers a choice, that suits them, on how to deploy our technology. Because business software delivery models have evolved over the last couple of decades, from on premise deployment, to hosted offerings to Software as a Service (SaaS) Lumesse believes you should be able to choose the one that suits you - locally and globally.

We know that every customer is different - different needs, different processes, and different cultures. At Lumesse, we understand what is possible and, just as importantly, where the issues can lie, making us the perfect partner to help bringing customer-specific talent vision to life. Some companies want a solution to a single problem in a single country; others want a complete integrated talent management system for a global business. Some companies are committed to SaaS; others want to run their own systems or have us host them in secure datacentres.

With Lumesse our customers have all these choices available.  We have integrated talent management solutions available as a service, on-premises, or hosted in one of our secure datacentres.

However customers choose to work with Lumesse we give customers the benefit of years of expertise in recruiting and talent processes, a great user experience, powerful analytics and reporting, global support, full internationalisation, scalability, high system performance and access everywhere.

At Lumesse we have solutions that can be configured or customised depending on what our customers need - there is rarely something our customer want that we can't help with. And with true SaaS, hosted or on premise technology options, our customers have great flexibility over investment, switching costs, and levels of customisation versus configuration.