Software as a Service (SaaS)

A New World - True SaaS

Business software delivery models have evolved from on-premises deployment, to hosted offerings to Software as a Service, which has recently become the most popular software delivery platform in Talent Management. But for Lumesse, SaaS has been a cornerstone since we began, so our expertise runs deep.

With our true SaaS model our solutions are available rapidly, on-demand, through the Internet, from one of our secure datacentres around the globe, with full deployment within days or weeks. Businesses avoid the costs of implementing in-house software such as purchasing servers or carrying out lengthy testing and desktop installation processes. Lumesse true SaaS solutions are already successfully being used by thousands of companies worldwide, so you can have confidence that our technology is proven, tested and highly available.


What Does True SaaS Mean to Lumesse?

Lumesse TalentLink, Lumesse Learning Gateway and Lumesse CourseBuilder are made available through a true Software as a Service deployment methodology, giving businesses immediate access to the solution over the internet, whilst we take care of development, updates, maintenance and hosting of the solution:

  • Immediate Access To The Latest Enhancements: With our SaaS solutions you get immediate access to new releases with all the latest product enhancements. For Lumesse TalentLink we introduce three new releases a year, made available to all customers at the same time. You always benefit from the latest version of the solution.
  • More Flexibility: With our fully configurable SaaS products you have control over your solution. So, whether you are a large, global enterprise or a highly specialised business in a specific territory, we can configure the system to support your needs.
  • We Take Care of The DataCentre: Our solutions are hosted in world-class, secure datacentres, supported by guaranteed services levels, including availability, response times, back-up and disaster recovery.
  • Focus On What Matters: Lumesse takes responsibility for system maintenance, server backup and testing. We make sure that your solution runs effectively and transparently, so that the time and effort often spent running systems internally can be rechanneled into activities that add direct value to your core business.
  • True Multi-Tenancy: Our solutions are built on a multi-tenancy SaaS model, supporting all customers with one single version of the software, so our resources are highly focused. And with our deep configuration capabilities every customer can tailor the solution to fit its specific needs.