6 Recruitment Trends every franchise organisation needs to pay attention to in 2019

Wed 16 January 2019

We’re well underway in 2019 now, but as franchises begin to put their plans for another year of successful hiring into place, here are some key trends that need to be considered for the year ahead.

#1 Competition for top talent will only intensify 

The battle for talent is heating up; as jobless rates fall and an ever growing number of similar businesses vie for potential candidates. This is increasing the pressure on franchises to now invest more of their time and resources into streamlining hiring processes and building a brand that makes them stand out in this increasingly crowded marketplace.

#2 The workforce demographic is shifting

Millennials and Gen-Z are representing a larger portion of the Franchise workforce and they have a few things in common. They have grown up digitally native and are more comfortable embracing social media in all aspects of their life (Including job search), they’re more brand conscious than ever before and are in the pursuit fulfilment in their work. So franchises are being forced to make changes in how they position their employer brand, attract and convert applicants and manage communicate throughout the hiring process.

#3 How we use data is changing

The amount of Hiring Managers and Recruiters using data to inform their decisions is “likely” to grow from 64% to 79% in the next two years. Although this isn’t a new concept, it’s the volume and speed we can analyse it that has changed. This is now only allowing franchise organisations to not only measure hiring performance, but also predict it.

#4 The adoption of contemporary Interview techniques  

Traditional interviews remain popular, but they are becoming increasingly discredited. Their lack of ability to assess soft skills, remain unbiased and the logistical headaches caused, has led organisations to move towards innovative methods such as; soft skills assessments and video interviews, to assess the top funnel applicants, investing less time in unsuitable candidates.

#5 AI to empower, not replace

Artificial intelligence isn’t coming to replace your hiring teams, it’s empowering them. Its growing popularity should be seen as an exciting opportunity for hiring teams to reap the rewards. Making improvements such as a quicker selection process, reducing un-conscious bias and removing low-level administrative tasks to pivot recruiting into more of a talent advisory role.

#6 Ignore diversity at your peril

Diversity is no longer a checkbox for your franchise to tick. With the growing evidence that the companies embracing diversity at their core make improvements to culture, innovation, productivity and financial performance, it is making it increasingly difficult to ignore.

Is your franchise set up for hiring success in 2019?

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