AP&T Selects Lumesse to Better Nurture Future Skills of Employees in Globally Demanding Market

Thu 1 November 2018



Digital transformation has become a fixed and indispensable component in human resources. AP&T a leading worldwide technology industry supplier, has chosen the Lumesse talent management suite to digitalize its HR processes. AP&T, which works with high technology, has a workforce with very specialized skills. AP&T was looking to innovate, establish and leverage a modern talent management solution with which to develop its employees for future technological requirements.


AP&T’s decision was based largely on the industry’s favorable user experience of Lumesse's solution and the breadth of the suite offering which covers all important HR processes, including a global talent management database within a single platform.


Known as a provider of production solutions in the metal industry, AP&T sees itself as a technology provider, assembling the product as result of innovative research. The Swedish company decided to establish a talent management system that empowers its employees to reach their development and career goals, while equipping managers with the right tool for supporting their employees in their career paths.


AP&T's uses the following components of Lumesse’s talent management suite:

  • Core HR: Employee information, position profiles, job profiles and organizational charts, all which provide the foundation for talent management.
  • Performance Management: Goal setting, performance assessments, professional feedback and interview management with employees.
  • Learning Management: Development planning, learning portals, a training catalog, registration and approvals, certifications, and individual courses in face-to-face mode and e-learning.


AP&T is in the process of deploying the Lumesse solution throughout the company. HR, managers and employees will now have a state-of-the-art solution to conduct development discussions in an efficient manner. Beyond increased efficiency of HR processes, AP&T is also now equipped with a people-centric solution to develop and retain the best talent for the future.


About AP&T


AP&T supplies sheet metal forming companies all over the world with cost efficient production solutions that are based on industry-leading technology and that have been developed to satisfy the industry’s high demands. AP&T research and development and most of its production is located in Sweden. AP&T has 400 employees and is generally being perceived as much larger, due to the very complex products the company produces.


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