BIA Group to Work With Lumesse to Maximize Talent Development Opportunities

Mon 19 June 2017

Leading excavation equipment provider selects Lumesse ETWebTM empower to hone employee development and workforce deployment processes in EMEA

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, and LUTON, ENGLAND – June 15, 2017 – BIA Group, a top distributor of mining, construction, recycling, handling and power supply equipment and a service provider in these sectors, has selected Lumesse, an international talent management software vendor, to provide performance management and learning (SaaS) tools and service for BIA Group’s workforce management requirements in Europe and Africa.

BIA Group selected Lumesse ETWebTM empower because it wanted to more rapidly identify and develop industry talent in areas where new mining and excavation projects were starting as well as to enhance existing operations. This required talent is distributed and includes people making a living as commercial and civil engineers, equipment technicians, and sales, service and finance personnel.

HR, finance and other talent management roles must be able to locate and offer opportunities to these field personnel for projects to begin on schedule.

Operating in more than two dozen countries, BIA Group needed a more comprehensive but centralised view of its distributed global talent. Recognised for its project management excellence over a 100-year track record, BIA Group is continuing to fine-tune its processes and take that customer service level into the future.

“Through rapid and well-informed identification and deployment of talent in new project areas, BIA Group can get ‘feet on the ground’ even faster than before,” says Vincent Bia, CEO, BIA Group. “This is important to BIA and our customers as we continuously strive to offer faultless project management and personalised assistance throughout a project’s timeline.”

Global Talent Management
With nearly two decades of experience serving the complex requirements of distributed HR and HRIS personnel, Lumesse offers a full suite, with flexible bundles and modules for any talent management need across the globe.

BIA Group selected Lumesse’s global talent management solution, ETWebTM empower, as part of a competitive evaluation process. BIA Group representatives visited the premises of an existing Lumesse ETWeb customer in Benelux where they learned of a positive implementation and support experience, a consideration that went into BIA Group’s choice of Lumesse.

Lumesse will partner with BIA Group on the implementation of ETWebTM empower, which enables users to easily configure the tool to their personalised needs.

“We look forward to helping BIA Group achieve an easier and quicker view of its global workforce and the additional talent available to them,” says Carsten Busch, chief executive for Lumesse’s talent management business. “Reducing the time to source talent is a major challenge for multinational companies, and I am confident Lumesse can empower BIA Group to identify talent and start projects faster.”

Integrated Learning and Development and Performance Management
As part of the value cluster of the Lumesse talent management suite, ETWebTM empower provides performance management capabilities tailored to give multinational organisations a holistic view of their global workforce and available resources. The solution also integrates learning and development tools that engage a company’s people, identify training and development needs, and measure the efficacy of that training. The suite’s common interface and integrated database offer visibility across available talent, learning and development goals as well as individual projects that need to be sourced, allowing organisations to move more quickly on project opportunities with the resources they currently have. Lumesse ETWebTM empower also equips customers with tools with which to optimise employee and contractor resource planning as well as career and succession planning activities.

About BIA Group
The BIA family has long played a pioneering role in the distribution of civil engineering and construction machinery.

For more than a century BIA has developed passion and knowledge in the industry by continuously meeting the goals of customers and conquering new markets. BIA Group is active in the sales and the service of equipment intended for public works, mines, quarries and transport. BIA’s expertise includes sales, rentals and aftersales service.

BIA Group operates in Europe (Belgium, France, Holland and Luxembourg) and in more than 20 African countries. BIA employs more than 1.000 people, including more than 750 engineers and technicians.

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About Lumesse
Lumesse provides Talent Solutions to more than 1,500 organisations in over 70 countries enabling them to engage and nurture the best talent in an ever-changing and demanding global environment. With our unique and highly adaptable Talent Solutions our customers are well prepared to capitalise on the fast evolution of new technologies and disruptive business conditions, while meeting all business needs locally and globally.

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