Tue 27 November 2018

McDonald’s makes the choice to rely on Lumesse, an international recruitment technology specialist for its Employer Brand project.

Established in France in 1979, McDonald’s now has over 1,380 restaurants and more than 70,000 employees who serve nearly two million meals every day in France. In recent years, France has risen to be the second most profitable country for McDonalds (behind the United States). Ranked first among the companies that Le Figaro recruited at the beginning of 2018, the French subsidiary of the American fast food chain announced a forecast of nearly 40,000 new hires in France, to respond to growing popularity and consumption of their products.

McDonald’s has chosen to rely on Lumesse, an international specialist in recruitment technologies, to support them on this new phase of employer brand, with a redesign of recruitment processes and their career site.

McDonald’s chose Lumesse for several key reasons:

  • Partner with an international dimension: Lumesse recruitment solutions are provided and used in more than 70 countries.
  • Know-how: Our presence across more than 1,200 companies, including many long-standing customers, brings a certain know-how in meeting the needs of companies with a decentralised model like McDonald’s.
  • A simple and intuitive solution: The proposed recruitment platform has an intuitive and userfriendly interface that facilitates and encourages its use.
  • Customisation: Our Recruitment Platform has an intuitive interface that facilitates and encourages users.


McDonald’s French subsidiary will therefore be equipped in 2019 with Lumesse’s recruitment platform with the following modules:

  • Recruit: which helps recruiters automate many processes, coordinate interviews and communications with the candidate and analyse performance in real time.
  • Source: which allows you to manage dynamic pools of candidates.
  • Engage: which helps to design simple, effective and attractive career sites to optimise the candidate experience.
  • Insight: which facilitates informed decision-making through customized and quickly usable reports, for each stage of recruitment.
  • Video: which allows Mcdonalds to integrate one-way video introductions and assessments into their selection process


The objective of this new partnership is to support the American firm in its new employer brand project and enable it to achieve several of its strategic objectives. One of these is to stand out in the competitive fast food job market - as an employer of choice and optimise their recruiter-side experience, to improve hiring performance and efficiency.

We are delighted to be able to collaborate with McDonald’s on this exciting project, which reaffirms the growing interest of companies to take care of their candidates and also of the workforce. Lumesse will support the American brand throughout the implementation of the solution and develop a close relationship with its dedicated teams to ensure the success of the project.

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