Saba Lumesse extend hosting capabilities to Australia

Thu 13 December 2018


We’ve enhanced our capabilities of delivering global Talent Acquisition at a local level, by partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS), to host our TalentLink service from Sydney, Australia.

Why have we done this?

With a number of our outsourcing partners already well established and many planning to expand their services into the region, this is a crucial step that demonstrates our continued commitment to providing market-leading outsourcing technology.

What are the benefits?

Customers requiring local access to TalentLink may now take a service where all customer data is stored in Australia for both live and disaster recovery use, addressing concerns around international data transfers and regulatory compliance. 

In addition to the physical and logical controls present at the AWS data centres, encryption is also applied to all data storage. This ensures protection of sensitive data at all times.

The future of outsourcing is here!

Recruitment outsourcing is ever-evolving and the pace of change means that organisations and outsourcing providers have to constantly adapt.

But what does the future hold? We’ve teamed up with industry leaders HR Grapevine to survey over 500 In-house Recruiters and Agency Recruiters to get their insights and predictions on the future of outsourced recruitment.


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