Implement a digital referencing strategy with Lumesse Check

Implement a digital referencing strategy with Lumesse Check

A holistic, 360 degree of your new hire

Build a digital reference strategy

Uncover the truth about candidates and make better hiring decisions using our 360-degree reference-based assessment tool, Lumesse Check. The simple and intuitive reference dashboard makes comparing candidates quick and easy, reducing time and cost, and increasing hiring quality in the process. Access multiple references per candidate for a 360 degree view – find out exactly what former employers, colleagues and customers have to say about each candidate.

Ready to ask the right questions and predict job fit?

Build a structured approach to digital referencing

Allow referrers to rate your new hires’ skills and competencies through a structured digital-based framework, accessed across multiple devices. Build simple digital surveys with Lumesse Check that eliminate lengthy and irrelevant questions and provide consistency and neutrality to the reference. Use workflow automation to track outstanding references, send reminders and make applicant comparisons.

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Gain greater insight and predict job fit

Use multiple data points and obtain a 360 degree view of applicants to compare and contract candidates against the job requirements and each other, in turn making more informed hiring decisions. Use Lumesse Check to gain greater certainty by accessing the knowledge and insights of others, balancing qualitative references with quantitative information. 

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Redefine your digital reference strategy

Ask the right questions, predict job fit with online referencing that gives you a 360 degree view of performance from the people that matter the most with Lumesse Check.