Increase the ROI of recruitment advertising spend with Lumesse Distribute

Increase the ROI of recruitment advertising spend with Lumesse Distribute

Post to thousands of job boards in a single click

Drive greater returns from your recruitment advertising 

Lumesse Distribute helps recruiters extend the reach and enhance the quality of their job posts, by providing insight and access into an extended network of job boards and social media channels. It allows recruiters and hiring managers to quickly and simply assess which networks are most effective for their role against a range of variables and then automates the distribution of adverts to these multiple channels, using pre-defined integrations. 

Want to optimise your recruitment advertising?

Reduce time to hire

Remove the barriers to fast job advertising by connecting to the world of job boards through Lumesse Distribute. Define the boards you need, build your advert and distribute to thousands of channels in a single click, removing the hassle of manual entry and changing board integrations – saving time and helping you advertise and fill roles, faster.

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Build a seamless job distribution strategy

Access a wider pool of talent and build an automated process for identifying, connecting to and posting across multiple job boards, social networks and distribution channels with just one click. Expand the breadth and potential of your job posts with access to over 8000 global channels across 180 countries, and in 43 languages. 

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Improve your recruitment advertising ROI 

With Distribute you’ll be able to cut time and costs spent through insight into sourcing channel effectivenss – re-investing this time and money into other recruitment needs. Assess your job ad’s performance through easy to digest insight-based recommendations that help you pick the best place and time to post for each role – maximising your advertising returns. 

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Be smarter with your Recruitment spend 

Our next generation multi-posting tool can you help drive better results from your recruitment advertising efforts