Introduce recruitment analytics with Lumesse Insight

Introduce recruitment analytics with Lumesse Insight

It’s more than Metrics, it’s about Insights…

Measure Performance in real-time

Drive effective decision-making using Recruitment Analytics that give your internal teams the information they need, in a format they can understand using Lumesse Insight. Utilise real-time dashboards, tailored reports and interactive filtering to assess performance across all levels and stages of the acquisition journey.  

Unleash the power of recruitment Insights today

Embedded and interactive analytics

Whether you are looking for information on your own recruitment performance or a holistic view across the organisation, access the data you need easily with Lumeese Insight innovative visualizations, powered by Qlik. Multi-device optimisation also means you have access to the right data, wherever you are.

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Powerful and innovative visualisations

Explore your data in a variety of smart and advanced visualisations, tailored to the information you are looking for and designed to help you make insight-based decisions.  Access these powerful dashboards directly within your Customer site with no need to log into an external system.

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Data mart access 

Our data-mart supported by superior machine learning capabilities and a team of data scientists, provides the predictive insights your organisation needs to make decisions that drive hiring success. We also provide connectivity for those wishing to create their own visualization us an in-house or third party BI tool. 

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Unlock the power of your information with Lumesse Insight today

Everyone has data, but how many of us are using it to our advantage? Lumesse Insight gives you the ability to unlock the true value from your data, using recruitment analytics to drive effective decision making across all stages of the acquisition journey.