Build great onboarding experiences with Lumesse Onboard

Build great onboarding experiences with Lumesse Onboard

Maximise your recruitment investment

Engage and integrate new hires before day 1

Elevate your company to the next level by increasing your employees’ productivity, protecting your recruitment investment and maintaining their desire to work with your organisation with Lumesse Onboard. Integrate your employees with ease from day one, through contemporary and reliable onboarding solutions, specifically designed to you and your new hires needs.

Is time-to-productivity a priority for you?

Make new hires productive, faster

Build dedicated programmes that engage and educate new hires from day 1 with Lumesse Onboard. Our simplified drag and drop workflow builder, allows HR and Recruitment teams to outline the path to productivity using tailored content and streamlined task management. Employees will assimilate much faster when kept in the loop and timed communications and action reminders help them keep them on track.

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Increase Employee Retention 

Make new hires feel at home, fast. Develop an engaging new hire experience that delivers relevant, engaging content and communications to new hires, helping them to assimilate quickly and understand their role in the organisation. Deliver clear milestones and objectives protecting against those second thoughts that see 22% of employees leave a role within the first 45 days.


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Connect people, content and communications

Connect New Hires, Managers and HR together with the content they need, when they need it. Create beautiful workflows and communications using drag and drop functionality and test the onboarding experience on any device prior to launch. 

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Protect your recruitment investment

Read our Onboarding whitepaper featuring research from Lighthouse on how to increase productivity and engagement for employees while reducing attrition