Optimise your applicant tracking system and processes with Lumesse Recruit Talent Acquisition

Optimise your applicant tracking system and processes with Lumesse Recruit

Reach your True Recruiting Potential

A reliable applicant tracking system for all your recruiting needs

Great people are the foundation of your business. It doesn‘t matter if you‘re a huge global brand or a smaller local company; you need to hire the best. Lumesse Recruit is the engine of your Talent Acquisition process, helping recruiters to automate the recruitment workflow, co-ordinate communications and interviews and measure performance in real-time using a reliable applicant tracking system. 

Ready to boost your recruiting potential?

One Platform Recruiting - Manage all recruitment activities from one solution

Whether you are creating a job, reviewing applicants or coordinating activities and communications – you only need one system to base yourself from. Multi-device optimisation also means your processes fit round the individual and time, not the other way round. 


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Total Workforce Acquisition – Optimised across all recruitment types

The only recruitment solution supporting companies with their total workforce recruitment challenges. Manage your permanent hires, graduates, contractors, temps and hourly workers all from one solution – utilising analytics and real-time data to assess suitability of hires. 

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Based on Insight – Dashboards that matter

Intelligent dashboards pull real-time information from the system to present to the recruiter insights and updates on their roles, the candidates and progress of applications. One holistic and personalised view for each user, 24/7, 365.

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Optimise your applicant tracking system and boost your hiring potential with Lumesse Recruit 

It‘s never been more important to have a talent attraction strategy that finds and secures the best talent. Lumesse Recruit is the engine behind your Talent Attraction processes, helping recruiters manage and optimise their activity from one reliable ATS solution.