Enhance your direct sourcing strategy with Lumesse Source

Enhance your direct sourcing strategy with Lumesse Source

Powerful Cross-platform Search & Match

Improve the speed and accuracy of candidate sourcing 

Don’t waste time searching multiple databases and channels to compile a short list of candidates. Enhance your direct sourcing strategy and take advantage of semantic-based search to comb through volumes of application and passive candidate data with minimal effort, and avoid spending time searching through the wrong people for your roles.

Start sourcing more effectively today

Hone in on Candidates 

Make finding candidates fast and natural by applying semantic, meaning-based search to your sourcing activities. Improve accuracy by applying filters which allow you to hone in those with the right fit. Search by job title, skills and experience, or utilise geo-localisation to search for those living within a defined proximity of your roles.

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Match based on best fit

Allow Recruiters to go one step further than just finding candidates, let them assess their relevance. Using the job requisition as a template, recruiters can utilise OCR Technology to match inbound CV's (and candidates) and find those with the best fit; meaning filtering and shortlisting large volumes of applications will no longer be a time-consuming exercise trying to find the diamonds in the rough. 

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Expand your Talent Pool 

Take advantage of the functionality available in Lumesse Source to search infinite numbers of internal and external candidate channels and sources via one search query and result. Go beyond the information in your own system to include suitable public profiles from LinkedIn, Xing, Google and numerous job boards…to mention just a few. 

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Re-invent your sourcing strategy today

Considering all of the free information about candidates that’s out there, your sourcing efforts shouldn’t be fruitless and inefficient. Optimise your search for hidden and passive candidates with the Lumesse Source, which integrates external and internal talent sources into one search.