Talent Acquisition Experience Platform

Talent Acquisition Experience Platform

Build a journey that is simple, intuitive and insightful for all

Because Experience Matters

Talent Acquisition is much more than just recruitment. It is about making Talent Acquisition a positive experience for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. Modern organisations need teams that can engage like marketers, source like headhunters and interpret information like data scientists. We help clients to build these engaging journeys for their users across any activity, on any device at any time, using our Talent Acquisition Platform.

Start building your Talent Acquisition Experience today.

Great User Experiences

Build relevant, tailored and measureable interactions that are simple, modern and engaging wherever you are along the Talent Acquisition path. Lumesse can help you to convert candidates, make recruiters more productive and guide and inform hiring managers with tools that understand their journeys and motivations. 

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Trust our Experience

As your Talent Acquisition partner you can trust our experience when it comes to building a best-in-class recruitment strategy that has global scale and local relevance. We offer the highest levels of security and data compliance, multi-language access and local experts to support you in 20 countries across 3 continents.

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Experience the modern world of work

Technology is exploding across all areas of our lives at the moment – driving exciting new ways of working. At Lumesse, it’s no different. We put user experiences first - developing technology that matches your consumer lives. Our technology emphasises team collaboration, insight-based decision making and is optimised to be worked on any device, at any time.

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