Utilise video in the recruitment process with Lumesse Video

Utilise video in the Recruitment process with Lumesse Video

Breathe life into your application process

Video recruitment is the future

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Lumesse Video offers organisations the opportunity to review candidates in volume and at speed, while benefitting from the soft, intangible, contextualized feedback you get from someone as part of a formal face-to-face interview process.

See how many words a video’s worth

More than a CV

Go beyond the words of a CV and gather natural answers to your questions. Build a great understanding of potential company and cultural fit of applicants, as well as personality type and soft skills. Feel their enthusiasm, confirm language capabilities or test problem solving using targeted questions, where you can believe the answers.

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Improve speed and quality of hiring

Maximise applicant exposure and hiring manager collaboration by extending your review panel to other stakeholders. Add depth to your Talent Pool, as responses will be available for review in the candidate sourcing of future roles.

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Make applications more engaging

Emded video into your application process where high volume and cultural fit are important. Define the questions and offer applicants a simple and intuitive tool to showcase their personality, softer skills and to show why they are a great fit for the role.

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